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Well-written, targeted press releases build credibility, establish authority, and provide brand awareness that advertising just can’t match.

Press Release Copywriting

Make News with Attention-Grabbing Press Releases

Press releases are the perfect complement to your content marketing strategy.

They can be a significant source of traffic and backlinks for your website—and a great way to build brand awareness through earned media.

And yet, many companies don’t understand how to use this “old school” marketing tool in the digital age, so they never tap into the potential benefits press releases can deliver.

How Press Releases Can Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

For content to be effective, people must trust the source—so establishing authority is a fundamental goal of any successful content marketing strategy. Press releases reinforce this authority because they are a highly effective means to demonstrate your industry credibility and establish your expertise in the mind of your target audience.

Used correctly, the press release can serve as a powerful tool to promote content, increase brand awareness, position your organization as an industry leader, and ultimately drive sales. Press releases can help you reach new audiences and maintain relationships with your existing ones.

Press releases can:

  • Gain media attention for new products or services.
  • Create buzz about your business and reach new customers.
  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Build relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers.
  • Enhance social media marketing efforts.
  • Allow you to share news about your company on your social media channels without sounding like you’re bragging or boasting to your followers.
  • Announce business milestones, special events, and industry trends.
  • Improve your website’s organic search ranking by getting backlinks from other high-authority sites.

What is “Earned Media,” and Why Does It Matter?

Earned media refers to the coverage and attention your brand receives by simply having a compelling story that catches people’s attention. It’s not paid, like advertising, nor is it owned, like website content.

Earned media also includes word of mouth and other forms of consumer-to-consumer communication that help spread the word about your brand, services, or products.

When you’re working to build visibility and authority in your industry, earned media is powerful. And because it’s coverage you didn’t pay for, earned media is influential in a way that traditional advertising just isn’t. Earned media generates trust because it doesn’t push a product or service—in fact, its purpose is not to sell.

Well-crafted and strategically distributed press releases can help your business reap the rewards of earned media.

What You Can Expect from Our Press Release Writing Service

Press release writing is a hybrid of journalism and marketing. From research and writing through editing and distribution, we can craft a press release that gets coverage and converts readers into customers.

We ensure that every press release we write for our clients is:

  • Clear and concise
  • Interesting and engaging
  • Newsworthy and timely
  • Strategically distributed

If your press release isn’t clear, engaging, timely, and distributed to the channels that best align with your purpose, it’s likely to get lost in the noise. At Headline Consultants, we know how to compose a compelling press release that wins coverage, builds trust, establishes your expertise, drives traffic to your website, and ultimately generates revenue for your business.

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