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Some call us “miracle workers.” Others call us “unicorns.” Really, we’re just good at our jobs. Meet the Headliners who are here to help.



Because content is all we do, we value people who do it well. We are writers, editors, marketers, and digital strategists who strive to create compelling content that resonates with the businesses we work with and the audiences they serve. We’re the unicorns you’ve been looking for, and we can’t wait to help you get noticed.

  • Justin Quinn
    Justin Quinn Founder & CEO

    As founder and CEO of Headline Consultants, Justin’s aim is to make clients (and their customers) happy with engaging, high-quality content that’s delivered on time every time. Justin’s unique background enables him to see digital content through the lens of a consumer, but with the eye of a marketer. As a specialist in search engine optimization, he makes sure your content looks great and ranks well. With more than two decades as a professional journalist, content strategist, and marketer, Justin’s vision shines through every project.

  • Beth Meiklejohn Co-Owner and CCO

    As co-owner and Chief Content Officer (CCO) at Headline Consultants, Beth oversees the delivery of fresh, engaging content for smart, savvy brands across a wide array of industries. Having worked in marketing agencies for the majority of her professional career, Beth has the experience and know-how to build content strategies and marketing campaigns that align with our clients’ business goals. She has a passion for storytelling and applies that passion to help create connections between our clients, their customers, and the communities they serve.

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