Louis J. Kowalski

International Man of Marketing Louis J. “Louie” Kowalski is Headline Consultants’ globe-trotting contract ads manager. One day, you may find Louie analyzing the therapeutic [...]

Susan Marvel Ferrer

Susan brings creativity, versatility and enthusiasm to the table to write engaging and informative content. With 25 years of experience covering historical sites, health and wellness, addiction [...]

Ashley Horst

Ashley Horst is a professional contract writer and social media manager. She previously worked at Elizabethtown College as a Coordinator of Social Media, Publicity, and Special Events. She has a [...]

Beth Meiklejohn

Sparkling Content Every Time As co-owner and Chief Content Officer (CCO) at Headline Consultants, Beth is an experienced marketing consultant, content strategist, and content professional who has [...]

Justin Quinn

The SEO-ey Guy Justin Quinn began his career as a journalist. His first gig was as a cub reporter working the “cop” beat in a small Pennsylvania community. He moved on to political [...]