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Justin Quinn began his career as a journalist. His first gig was as a cub reporter working the “cop” beat in a small Pennsylvania community. He moved on to political and court reporting in his hometown of Lancaster, PA, and finally as a subject matter expert for the New York Times Company’s content site, About.com (now Dotdash Merideth).

After years in news, Justin became attracted to the rich storytelling opportunities in the business and marketing world. Understanding that content was the moving factor in all digital marketing, he started Headline Consultants in 2006 to help organizations tell their stories.

“I wanted to create a company where great copywriting was valued and where talented writers felt their content had worth,” Justin said. “I also wanted to show brands how well-written, search-optimized copy could transform their websites, social media, and emails and turn them into lead machines.”

During his time at About.com, Justin discovered the power of SEO. By optimizing content organically, blogs and web copy have much more value to the brands that are publishing it. And so, he made it his mission to hire great writers and teach them how to optimize their content for search.

As founder and CEO of Headline Consultants, Justin has not forgotten why he started the company. He’s still helping writers learn the intricacies of SEO, and Headline now has a slew of accomplished writers and marketers who understand the importance of the work, the value it has, and the relevancy it must convey. He is fortunate to have found a like-minded business partner in Beth Meiklejohn, who shares his commitment to showing the world the transformative nature of content.

When not SEOing copy or CEOing his company, Justin enjoys spending time with his wife and twin daughters (even when they’re rolling their eyes at him). He’s also a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan, a helpless news junkie, and just the worst handyman you’ll ever meet–although he is pretty awesome at handing his wife tools (as long as she describes them).

If you’re ready to turn the corner on your content and make sure it gets noticed, reach out to Justin today!

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