The Challenge:

The owner of Amish Country Gazebos approached us about finding the right kind of videos to fill a marketing gap. He didn’t want highly produced videos because he already had those, and their marketing value was limited. He needed videos that showcased Amish Country Gazebos products in various environments, featuring real people frolicking in his gazebos, enjoying his pergolas, and partying in his pavilions.

The Solution:

After listening to his problem, we developed a plan for a Facebook-based video contest. The goal was to encourage existing customers and others like them to join in on the fun by submitting high-quality videos that would prompt anyone watching to buy one of his products. We knew Facebook was one of the keys to a successful contest, but we also knew it wasn’t the only key. By combining high-quality content marketing with Facebook advertising and targeting, we were able to execute a campaign to meet the needs of Amish Country Gazebos.

Amish Country Gazebos Facebook Video Contest

The Result:

Over a three-month period, we helped our client obtain 98 videos, 70 of which had a high marketing value. The campaign delivered over a million ad impressions and reached tens of thousands of former customers and prospects. For several months, our client’s gazebo business was in front of just about anyone who had an interest in gazebos, including those who owned one, those who were looking to accessorize one, or those who were interested in buying one.

The buzz generated by the campaign also provided Amish Country Gazebos with great brand awareness. Videos were remarked upon, shared between friends, and reacted to in high numbers. The engagement helped keep gazebos—specifically, our client’s gazebos—top of mind for existing and future customers.

Finally, the ads and engagement led to a deluge of praise for our client’s products from his satisfied customers. The videos themselves served as visual and audio testimonials from brand evangelists who couldn’t say enough wonderful things about our client’s gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions.

“Headline Consultants developed a most successful video campaign for us!  Justin and his team exceeded our expectations by a mile!  We couldn’t be more pleased with our investment.”

~ Chet Beiler, Owner and CEO
Amish Country Gazebos

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