Facebook Algorithm Change: How It Could Be A Buzzkill For Your Brand (and How To Master It)

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Facebook recently announced their latest newsfeed changes, now focusing more on showing users increased content from family and friends to “encourage meaningful interactions” and less public content from businesses, brands, and media. Ouch!

After all your hard work in setting up your business on the social media platform and spending money on getting all those Likes, this new Facebook algorithm change impacts the reach of your content, leaving you irritated at the trouble you’re going to have getting in front of your would-be clients.

Organic reach is going to take a nosedive, there is no denying this. Some marketers will try to find a way around this with various exploits and workarounds by trying to sell from their personal profile or creating groups to sell from, but these are only going to work in the short term before Facebook makes more changes to combat that issue too. You might be left believing the only way to market on Facebook now is to throw even more money into advertising, cutting into what is sure to be your already diminishing profits thanks to this algorithm change.

Good Intentions

The fact is Facebook made these changes to improve the newsfeed experience for its users. Marketing strategies like click bait, engagement bait, overly self-promotional content, and general manipulative garbage has left a sour taste in the mouths of Facebook’s users and is driving them away, and if nobody is using Facebook, those clients you are trying to market to are not going to see your content no matter how much you post or pay.

Facebook’s marketing success relies on having a customer base to market to, so these changes designed to clean up the newsfeed aren’t a terrible thing when you look at it like clearing out the clutter. It just means that your content marketing needs to work smarter, not harder.

Marketing Smarter

How, you ask? Brands that can put up excellent and creative content that is useful, informative, and/or entertaining to Facebook’s users will go a long way in building up a solid relationship with their audience. There is no reason that a business cannot be included in those meaningful interactions with its customer base when done properly. If you are providing that rich, valuable content, there is no reason that you won’t prosper with Facebook, new algorithm or not.

While it seems painful right now—watching your reach go down as the cost of ads goes up—this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sink even more cash into advertising. But if you do develop a piece of content that is resonating with your audience and is useful towards your overall marketing goals and objectives, then you will have to consider budgeting an ad spend for these types of content pieces to get any sort of results with Facebook marketing like you’re used to. Some examples of content that is usually popular where an increased ad spend budget would be recommended include:

  • A popular blog article driving traffic for remarketing purposes.
  • A sales video that that entertains and authentically tells the story of your brand.
  • A carousel ad highlighting all the different products or services you offer.
  • Anything that is getting engagement and is relevant to your overall marketing objectives.

No matter what you share and what you pay to promote, the point of the algorithm is all about creating things of value, both in personal interactions and in brand developing. You may need to approach marketing on Facebook differently than you have in the past, posting more creative and valuable content and building better relationships with your audience, and those don’t need to cost money. It’s about quality, not quantity.

Moving On

The new Facebook algorithm change does not mean that marketing on Facebook is dead by any means. It just means everyone will be focusing on top-notch written and video content, and you should too. It also means that more brands will have to spend money on Facebook advertising to ensure that the best content is reaching its intended audiences.

Consider working with an agency like Headline Consultants that specializes in creating only the best content strategies customized to fit the needs of individual businesses. Headline Consultants houses a team of experts in strategizing and implementing extensive Facebook advertising campaigns for some of the best brands in the world.

Connect with us today to see how we can help you build a better content strategy to improve your Facebook reach.

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