Beth MeiklejohnCo-Owner and CCO

Sparkling Content Every Time

As co-owner and Chief Content Officer (CCO) at Headline Consultants, Beth is an experienced marketing consultant, content strategist, and content professional who has represented smart, savvy organizations across a wide array of industries for more than 15 years.

Having worked in marketing agencies for the majority of her professional career, Beth has the experience and know-how to build content strategies that align with our clients’ business goals. She has a passion for storytelling and applies that passion by helping to create connections between our clients, their customers, and the communities they serve.

Over her marketing career, Beth has supported organizations of all sizes, including nonprofits, small and mid-sized businesses, multinational corporations, and individual influencers at all levels. She’s helped businesses develop sound marketing strategies, craft compelling content, and share their stories with the world.

Beth’s diverse marketing experience gives her the ability to provide a large catalog of content offerings that include brand assessments, strategic planning, and the creation of blog articles, email newsletters, press releases, brand story decks, website content, white papers, video scripts, news articles, and more. She works together with her clients to clearly define and articulate their mission, values, and brand story, then uses that clarity to effectively communicate with key stakeholders to reach her client’s goals.

When Beth is not hard at work for her clients, she enjoys spending time with her twin boys. She’s an avid consumer of business and leadership books, loves running and hiking with her kids, and loves weekends spent treasure hunting through her favorite antique stores.

If you’re ready to turn the corner on your content and make sure it gets noticed, reach out to Beth today!

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